About Us

We Are Still Heroes is a passion project and social advocacy platform created to bring awareness to the topic of workplace discrimination due to vaccine noncompliance and the impact it has on real-life heroes across the nation. Anthony Trimino, public figure and advertising executive, traveled from San Diego to San Francisco speaking on the topic of medical freedom. He heard hundreds of personal stories about everyday heroes who were forced to choose between compromising their beliefs or sacrificing their livelihood. He knew these stories had to be amplified, but he knew it had to be done in a disruptive and bold way.

Having a unique platform as head of a global ad agency, Trimino tasked his team with creating a platform that would serve as the voice of these heroes and their families. The idea was to “flip the script” on mainstream social advocacy by taking two of the most influential ad campaigns in recent years—“Courage is Beautiful” and “Believe in Something,” and ask two new thought-provoking questions: “Is courage still beautiful, even if unvaccinated?” and “Do we stand against all forms of discrimination, including medical?”

HEROES was born.

As vaccination mandates become more of a reality and even a condition of employment, these heroes have become less celebrated and increasingly more vilified. We Are Still Heroes hopes to shed light on the growing issue of medical discrimination and the importance of choices over mandates. No matter what side of the aisle you’re on or what your thoughts are on the topic of vaccines, we encourage you to consider the cost of these mandates and the impact they have on our frontline heroes, their families and the community at large.


and let's work to end
ALL forms of discrimination